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Tested Merge request! 386 on the latest version of Drupal. The space is added at the bottom of the field now.


Found one more issue which is - admin menus also hides with the sticky header.

The workspaces icon is not fully visible see the screenshot.

I am not able to see any of the logos in the footer maybe image path issue. I checking on version 2.1.0

Tested MR !389 the issue gets resolved but another issue has been created by this. Changing the status to Needs work.

The changes seem fine as mentioned in the proposed resolution. The workspace switcher is now redirecting to the current page.

Attached after screen recording.


Try generating more nodes and check maybe it could be the reason why you are not replicating the wrapping issue.

I am getting the issue only on the media image field when saving the node without uploading any media. It did not show the red border over the field. Adding a STR tag for better clarity.

As per #11 and #12 testing the issue is not resolved with the patch so moving to need work.

Tested the MR 6591 and it worked fine the pager did not wrap into the next line even if there is a sidebar.

Attached Before/After screenshots


I can confirm this issue when placing any block in the side-bar region the pager wrapped up in the next line.

I have updated the IS and added STR but making the first row and first column both a header is not clear for me. So I am not removing the STR tag.

I was checking the issue and found some more issues related to the dropdown field in Views -

1. Padding issue in view content -

2. toggle icon height issue -

Added standard IS template and updated the IS.

@bendqh1 Can you share some screenshots? I am not able to reproduce the issue with the STR which you mentioned above.


On hover, if the background is dark then the text colour should be light. We have to apply the same design as it has been done in the Claro theme. Moving to NW

Hi @wrd-oaitsd,

I tried to replicate the issue but I am unable to replicate can you share more information or add steps in STR?

Tested with CKEditor 5 and version 8.x-3.0-rc9

Updated the Text alternative field label to Alternative text kindly review it.

After Fix -


The remove button is completely visible I tested on the version - 8.x-1.7

Mistakenly added an issue in this theme closing the issue sorry for making noise here

Updated twitter icon with the new one. Kindly review it.

Tested MR 9 and it's fixed the issue now the space is added in both conditions. Moving to RTBC.

After Patch

I reviewed the issue and observed that the remove button has no close icon in other fields (for ex-media, and image fields ) except the media modal. There seems to be a lack of uniformity in design here, so we need to maintain the design consistency here either we should remove the close icon or add a close icon on the remove button globally on all the fields where the remove button exists.

Production build 0.62.1