Media Library Theme Reset not supported

Created on 3 December 2022, about 1 year ago
Updated 22 February 2024, 3 days ago

Media Library Theme Reset , a requirement for this module, is unsupported, an alternative is needed.

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🇭🇺Hungary Grabby

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  • 🇮🇩Indonesia drupalnesia

    Since Media Library Theme Reset is "deprecated" again now, this Bootstrap_styles module needs to update its code.

  • 🇺🇸United States SocialNicheGuru

    Upload a patch to remove the deprecated module and replace with layout_builder_iframe_modal.
    This is an initial step as other issues must be addressed.

  • 🇺🇸United States SocialNicheGuru

    This patch is a mistake

  • Status changed to RTBC 11 months ago
  • Status changed to Needs work 11 months ago
  • 🇺🇦Ukraine vlad.dancer Kyiv

    Path #11 is no more compatible with 1.x version.
    I think it was designed for 2.x version.

  • @vladdancer opened merge request.
  • Status changed to Needs review 11 months ago
  • Status changed to RTBC 9 months ago
  • 🇺🇸United States shaunole

    No issues found when testing//validating @vlad.dancer 's MR !55 against the 1.0.x branch. Updating status to RTBC

  • hi, the patch #11 was not working with 1.1.0, so i created this new patch, it removes media_library_form_element in both info.yml and composer.json file and replaces it with layout_builder_iframe_modal

  • if you are getting still issue in applying the patch #22 then following this article:

    i used this command and the patch applied cleanly:

    composer require 'drupal/bootstrap_styles:^1.1' --prefer-source

  • Status changed to Needs review 8 months ago
  • 🇺🇸United States SocialNicheGuru

    None of the ones above applied for me.
    The MR did not apply either.
    I rerolled to apply to bootstrap_styles 1.1

  • Status changed to Needs work 8 months ago
  • 🇺🇸United States SocialNicheGuru

    in #6 🐛 Media Library Theme Reset not supported Needs work the first 2 items have not been addressed:

    1) Adjust the bootstrap_styles_page_attachments_alter hook to properly include the CSS files based on the routes configured on /admin/config/content/layout_builder_iframe_modal;
    2) Adjust the module CSS to work with layout_builder_iframe_modal;

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    Since layout_builder_iframe_modal seems problematic on frontend theme ( see this issue Support for Layout Builder iFrame Modal Active ) wouldn't it make more sense to require layout_builer_modal instead of layout_builder_iframe_modal ?

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    Forgot something in previous patch.

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    So, If you are planning to use layout_builder_iframe_modal, use patch #22.
    If you want to use layout_builder_modal, use patch #25.

    When I use layout_builder_iframe_modal then I am having serious layout problems.
    When I use layout_builder_modal, then the section settings open off canvas, which I dont want.
    So I also use patch #3214458 Move all Layout Builder operations into modal Needs review for layout_builder_modal so that the section settings also open in a modal.
    And now... everything still kinda sucks unfortunately.

    So I am open for recommended approaches.
    - I want to use modals when you create/edit sections or blocks
    - I want the content of the create/edit section or block to look ok

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    Update: the layout is actually ok when using layout_builder_modal.
    Apparently I forgot that I had gin_lb module enabled. Using bootstrap_styles + layout_builder_modal without gin_lb module is exactly what I was looking for.

  • 🇺🇬Uganda Thomas Kaisuka

    Hello flyke I have used patch #25. Initially failed to apply but with "composer require 'drupal/bootstrap_styles:^1.1' --prefer-source" did apply.

    So MLTR is now removed from all my dependencies and am good to go.

    So ma using Layout Builder Modal just as before without the worry of MLTR, which i have now disabled

  • I applied the patch from #22, and confirmed that Bootstrap Styles' info.yml and composer.json files were updated as expected. I ran `composer require 'drupal/bootstrap_styles:^1.1' --prefer-source`.

    While the patch appears to have applied correctly, composer still says that "drupal/bootstrap_styles 1.1.5 requires drupal/media_library_theme_reset (^1.0)." I can't remove MLTR, and Composer also didn't install Layout Builder iFrame Modal like I expected it to. It doesn't consider it to be a dependency, despite it being listed as such in the Bootstrap Styles composer.json.

    What am I missing? It seems like Composer must be loading the dependencies from the version of Bootstrap Styles as opposed to my locally installed/patched version.

  • 🇨🇦Canada TrevorBradley

    Just wandered in here from the Bootstrap Media Theme Reset module. It appears to have finally moved into its unsupported state. See:

  • 🇺🇸United States andileco

    The --prefer-source flag was not working for us, so attempting a different version of the patch based on the 1.1.5 tag rather than the 1.0.x branch. Hoping this works!

  • Status changed to Needs review about 2 months ago
  • 🇦🇷Argentina gerzenstl Resistencia

    We are planning to use layout_builder_iframe_modal module.

    I was able to apply from patch #31 by using the workaround of installing the module from source. I used the following in composer.json file:

        "config": {
            "preferred-install": {
                "drupal/bootstrap_styles": "source",
                "*": "dist"

    and then run `composer install`

  • 🇺🇸United States websiteworkspace

    With notes above lasting for over a year, why couldn't the maintainers of these various modules have coordinated better with each other so that users of these modules aren't left with the glaring "Not Supported!" in their site's available updates.

    There are about three dozens reports now above about the difficulties users have experienced trying to migrate by hand from "media library them reset" to the newly support layout_builder_iframe_modal module.

    Note that #33 is just three days old, but the problem reports date back as far as an entire year.


    This type of lack of planning, and lack of coordination, is part of why the Drupal user base keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

  • 🇺🇸United States dehacker

    Applied patch #31 locally with ddev and was able to get the expected result. Also with #33.

    However, build failed on Pantheon, due to upstream patch error in build for unknown reasons Pantheon was not able to help resolve.

    Asking the maintainers of this module to fix that dependency problem to make this module Drupal 10 compatible.

  • 🇮🇩Indonesia drupalnesia

    Why takes more than 1 year to fix the "Media Library Theme Reset" issue?

  • 🇨🇦Canada Jaypan

    websiteworkspace - Drupal is open source. It's not fair to complain, when all the work is done by volunteers. The module wouldn't even exist in the first place without their time.

    If you want a new version released faster, speak to the developer about funding a module upgrade.

  • 🇨🇦Canada mahmoud-zayed

    Agree with you Jaypan, I love open source and I contribute to it as much as I can!

    BLB modules are widely used even by big tech companies. No doubts funding these modules will make them better, there are a lot of great ideas that can be added to improve BLB ecosystem.

  • Status changed to RTBC about 1 month ago
  • 🇬🇧United Kingdom Finn Lewis

    Hey people!

    The patch in #31 works for me with the suggestion in #33

    It looks like the merge request does the same as the patch, so setting this RTBC as it sounds like a simple solution that is working for a few people.

    Any chance of a merge and release?

    Many thanks!


  • 🇺🇸United States dehacker

    After updating to Drupal 10.2.3 our site has fatal error WSOD from 'Layout Builder Blocks' module, which relies on this module. The fatal error points to a problem that module has with this module. Could this issue be compounding and breaking other modules?

    Error from Layout builder blocks:
    @param \Drupal\bootstrap_styles\StylesGroup\StylesGroupManager $styles_group_manager

  • 🇦🇹Austria maxilein

    which patch? This patch? Could you please be specific?

  • 🇺🇸United States drupler8


    Mahmoud, you and your team are great! Why don't you set up something like jrockowitz where people can donate 5 dollars a month toward the development of bootstrap styles / layout builder.

    I would think many others are a touch nervous about the media library theme reset module messing up these great projects. 🐛 Media Library Theme Reset not supported Needs review

    I posted this 🐛 Media Library Theme Reset not supported Needs review

    Is the answer definitively to go with Layout Builder iFrame Modal?

    Thanks so much for your teams efforts and open source support!

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    I was unable to apply patch #31 to bootstrap_styles v1.1.5 for some reason.
    Testing another patch for that.

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    I am working with a main drupal project and a dependent custom drupal module on a private company repository which in turns depends on layoutbuilder etc. I have not quite nailed it in the custom module as its a bit hard to keep testing the custom module requirements and patches via the main project. On first sight there is nothing wrong with patch #31, So i'm hiding this test patch in favor of that.

  • 🇧🇪Belgium flyke

    The MR55 also works. You just have to use instructions from #33.

        "require": {
            "drupal/bootstrap_layout_builder": "^2.1",
            "drupal/bootstrap_styles": "^1.1",
            "drupal/layout_builder_iframe_modal": "^1.3"
        "config": {
            "preferred-install": {
                "drupal/bootstrap_styles": "source",
                "*": "dist"
        "extra": {
            "patches": {
                "drupal/bootstrap_layout_builder": {
                    "#3325151": ""
                "drupal/bootstrap_styles": {
                    "#3325150": ""

    This is what worked for me.
    After that, I could successfully run:
    drush pmu media_library_theme_reset

Production build 0.61.6-2-g546bc20