Each class using DRUPAL_* constants from system.module should define its own constants

Created on 11 February 2017, over 7 years ago
Updated 16 June 2024, 26 days ago


Split from #2807785: Move global constants from *.module files into interfaces β†’ , comment #64, suggested by @Berdir.

DRUPAL_DISABLED, DRUPAL_OPTIONAL, and DRUPAL_REQUIRED are too generic to be meaningful.

I can only see 3 uses of them, node preview, comment preview and link title. Maybe each should define its own constants?

Proposed resolution

Create new constants to closer to where they are used in core and deprecate the overly ambitious constants that never needed to be globally available. There are three constants (see above) that have been identified. The challenge for this work is getting the deprecation notices accurate and making sure we have

Remaining tasks

  1. Add separate constant to node preview and change the usage to use the more centralized constant.
  2. Add separate constant to Comment preview and change the usage to use the more centralized constant.
  3. Add separate constant to link title and change the usage to use the more centralized constant.
  4. Deprecate the system.module DRUPAL_ constants in favor of the replacements. To deprecate it, @catch suggested on slack, "It should be fine to add @deprecated to the phpdoc like we do for methods etc. I think phpstan picks this up fine now (it didn't when this issue was created or at least we weren't using it then)," which can be found here: https://www.drupal.org/about/core/policies/core-change-policies/drupal-d... β†’ . An example of a deprecation message that @catch recommends is the deprecation note added here: https://git.drupalcode.org/project/drupal/-/blob/10.3.x/core/includes/bo... for `REQUEST_TIME` deprecation.
  5. Create a change record.

User interface changes


API changes

Yes. Three global constants are being deprecated. This means the constants need to be deprecated and new ones added in the same commit.

Data model changes


πŸ“Œ Task

Needs work


11.0 πŸ”₯

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