Drupal Usability Meeting 2024-04-05

Created on 29 March 2024, 22 days ago
Updated 13 April 2024, 7 days ago

This meeting takes place every Friday at 14:00 UTC (currently 7:00am PT, 10:00am ET). See Time.is to see what that is in your timezone.

The meetings are held using Zoom, and a link is posted in the #ux Slack channel 10 minutes before the meeting. Agenda is first come, first serve and set by attendees. Use the Needs usability review โ†’ issue tag for issues that need review and/or suggest issues in comments here.

List of Slack users to ping 10 minutes before the meeting:
@Gรกbor Hojtsy (he/him), @worldlinemine, @lauriii, @AaronMcHale, @anmolgoyal74, @Ravi, @shaal, @ckrina, @simohell, @gauravvv, @Quynh, @yoroy, @nod_

This list gets copied to the issue for the next meeting. If that has already happened, then go to that issue to add/remove yourself to/from the list.

Recording of this week's meeting: https://youtu.be/mz0g0kEFce8

Rough transcript of this week's meeting: Drupal Usability Meeting - 2024-04-05.txt โ†’

We discussed the following issue:

NR and RTBC issues marked Needs usability review โ†’ .

The group is actively tracking progress on these issues:

Remaining tasks

๐Ÿ“Œ Task



11.0 ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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