Drop PECL YAML library support in favor of only Symfony YAML

Created on 24 March 2021, almost 3 years ago
Updated 15 February 2024, 16 days ago


Follow-up from #3199691: [Symfony 6] Symfony no longer parses octal numbers starting with 0 alone β†’ .

Steps to reproduce

Proposed resolution

  • Remove the YAML implementation switching to only use Symfony YAML
  • Move the logic from \Drupal\Component\Serialization\YamlSymfony to \Drupal\Component\Serialization\Yaml
  • Replace \Drupal\Core\Serialization\Yaml with an alias to Drupal\Component\Serialization\Yaml
  • Remove the Yaml PECL validation work-arounds

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11.0 πŸ”₯

BaseΒ  β†’

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