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I made the error message more descriptive using "Error::logException()". This will be useful because some exceptions do not have a message (as in the case of "FormAjaxException") and their cause is implied in the name of the exception class.

Yes, exactly them. Now I completely override the style library of this module like this:

:root {
  --hphp-color-comment: #696969;
  --hphp-color-red: #d91e18;
  --hphp-color-orange: #aa5d00;
  --hphp-color-yellow: #aa5d00;
  --hphp-color-green: #008000;
  --hphp-color-blue: #007faa;
  --hphp-color-purple: #7928a1;
  --hphp-color-bg: #fefefe;
  --hphp-color-fg: #545454;
  --hphp-border: 4px solid #d4d4d8;
  --hphp-indent: 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 20px;

.dark-mode {
  --hphp-color-comment: #d4d0ab;
  --hphp-color-red: #ffa07a;
  --hphp-color-orange: #f5ab35;
  --hphp-color-yellow: #ffd700;
  --hphp-color-green: #abe338;
  --hphp-color-blue: #00e0e0;
  --hphp-color-purple: #dcc6e0;
  --hphp-color-bg: #2b2b2b;
  --hphp-color-fg: #f8f8f2;
  --hphp-border: 4px solid #43454a;

/* Comment */
.hljs-quote {
  color: var(--hphp-color-comment);

/* Red */
.hljs-deletion {
  color: var(--hphp-color-red);

/* Orange */
.hljs-link {
  color: var(--hphp-color-orange);

/* Yellow */
.hljs-attribute {
  color: var(--hphp-color-yellow);

/* Green */
.hljs-addition {
  color: var(--hphp-color-green);

/* Blue */
.hljs-section {
  color: var(--hphp-color-blue);

/* Purple */
.hljs-selector-tag {
  color: var(--hphp-color-purple);

.hljs {
  overflow-x: auto;
  display: block;
  padding: var(--hphp-indent);
  color: var(--hphp-color-fg);
  white-space: pre;
  background: var(--hphp-color-bg);
  border-inline-start: var(--hphp-border);

.hljs-emphasis {
  font-style: italic;

.hljs-strong {
  font-weight: bold;

But it would be great if a dark theme could be created by simply overriding variables by extending the existing library in the theme.

I came across this request several times, maybe someone else needs it, so I suggest introducing an option for this.

I tried to contact @WorldFallz but there was no response.
It seems that creating a fork is the only solution to continue support and development of this module.

@yospyn this fix targets the 11.x branch, which depends on PHP 8.3, so I used typed constants that are available in PHP 8.3. You can open a separate merge request for 10.3.x and lower the PHP requirements. You can also always update PHP on your server.

Work on the issue I mentioned in #19 continues here πŸ› CKEditor 5 balloons invisible when CKEditor 5 is used inside a modal Needs work so I return the status to "Fixed" since the original issue has been fixed, the variable has been renamed.

I moved the new service to the images module because it handles loading default images and checking access to them.

I don’t really understand why the session was used here, but it seems that every mail sending ends with logs being written and cleared, that is, there is no accumulation at the request level, so I’ll replace the log storage with a regular class property instead of a static one. If I'm wrong, the commit can be deleted.

d68ecfb4 - Issue #3458046 by kksandr: added test

Sorry, I pushed in the wrong branch.

Changes that I made:

  1. Auto-wiring of dependencies
  2. Dependencies were moved to the properties of the constructor
  3. An interface was defined for the new service
  4. Access check was moved to the service itself
  5. The service uses entity_field.manager to get fields instead of loading only configuration fields
  6. The access check now returns an AccessResultInterface, which makes it possible to provide cache metadata if it is to be used somewhere other than a file access check

I also left a few details for consideration tagged @todo.

I fixed the schema issues and removed unused keys in the schema.

I also fixed other tests that did not pass, this is out of scope, so if this is a problem I can remove it.

.ui-dialog ~ .ck-body-wrapper
This does not solve the problem if an instance of CKEditor was already placed on the page and after that the dialog was opened. Then .ck-body-wrapper will be before .ui-dialog

This was solved here Theme library override can fail in when you have multiple parent themes πŸ› Theme library override can fail in when you have multiple parent themes Needs review .

kksandr β†’ changed the visibility of the branch 2329253-allow-the-changeditem-11.x to hidden.

@longwave I opened a new merge request #8536, it has minimal changes.

All refactoring/optimization was removed, I also removed the validation omission during synchronization, this seemed unrelated to the problem.

But manually changing the request time instead of waiting in ChangedTestItem looked interesting, it might speed up testing a bit.

I believe that in any case we should override the pager with parameters from the EntityReferenceSelection plugin.

And the implementation of what is described in the problem will cause confusion for users who want to determine the limit of results at the widget level.

I opened a new merge request that solves the problem where if a view doesn't have a pager set, all results are displayed.

#54 appears to have dropped a good portion of the original patch

And this removal brought back the problem when the pager is not set, in which case the view returns all the results, instead of the specified limit in the widget.

Is there any hope that this issue will be addressed by the maintainers?

and adding information about installing the patch as a reference to this version of the module on the module page.

The library bug "patrickbussmann/oauth2-apple" has been fixed, so you don't have to worry about patches

After this fix, a white background appeared on pages with small content height

This module does not restrict access to private files, but only adds another option for accessing private files. This is the idea following from the implementation. In your case, it is better to find another solution.

I'll close this in favor of this " #3443946 Switch to Gitlab CI ✨ Switch to Gitlab CI Needs review " fix, it fixes the tests and enables the switch to Gitlab CI.

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