[PP-1] Create components for a default design system

Created on 8 May 2024, 2 months ago
Updated 2 July 2024, 11 days ago


Part of experience builder is providing a default design system, which will consist of many Single Directory Components. We need to make those components!

The experience_builder_default_design_system branch (which should currently be the main branch) has a experience_builder_default_design_system module. We will be adding SDCs to the /components directory of that module

That module also provides a handy way to view the components you have built. When you enable the module, the front page of your Drupal site will be a UI that renders a selected SDC, with the ability to change examples and slots.

(if you encounter bugs with the SDC browser, please feel empowered to fix it in an MR)

Currently, the only SDCs we have are copied from sdc.module tests - we need ones we actually want to use.


  • Figure out SDC what components to add
  • Create issues for them (for simple components, seems reasonable to have several of them within one issue)
  • For components with a known structure but yet-to-be-determined styles, it is OK to have separate issues for component creation and component styling.
  • Build the SDC components in the /components directory of experience_builder_default_design_system
  • If you run into bugs with the SDC browser (it is possible these efforts will surface edge cases), file and issue and ideally include a fix as well

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