Rename "Text alternative" field label to "Alternative text"

Created on 7 February 2024, 17 days ago
Updated 21 February 2024, 4 days ago


The alternative text field in the CKEditor5 image dialog reads "Text alternative". It would be better if it read "Alternative text". This would be consistent with the CKEditor media dialog as well as with how this content is normally referred to in the accessibility community.

Steps to reproduce

1. Go to
2. Type core in the field
3. Select Drupal core, latest version
4. Click the button to create the site
5. Log in as admin
6. If the management menu is not displayed, click Manage
7. Click content
8. Click add content
9. Click Basic page
10. Click in the body field
11. Click the image icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar

Expected result: alternative text field is labeled "Alternative text"
Actual result: alternative text field is labeled "Text alternative"

The W3C, in its discussion of decorative images, refers to a text alternative which is presented outside of the alternative text field.

I believe that "alternative text" rather than "text alternative" is the correct label for this field. This is because the wording "alternative text" specifically makes it clear that it refers to text which is destined for the alt attribute on an image when the page is rendered. A "text alternative," on the other hand, could refer to any descriptive text for the image, regardless of whether it appears in the alt attribute or, as referred to in the linked W3C content, as visible text on the web page.

Proposed resolution

Edit "Text alternative" to "Alternative text"

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Visible field label in image dialog changes from "Text alternative" to "Alternative text".

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