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I tested that it does not support data exceeding 20000 rows.


The reason for this issue is due to the addition of this rule in the pseudo static:

    location ~* \.(css|js)$ {
        try_files $uri @rewrite;
        expires max;
        log_not_found off;

If delete it, the page will display normally, but adding this rule can improve the page loading speed. But, this issue does not occur in version 1.8, In version 1.8, regardless of whether this rule is added or not, it can still be displayed normally.

Can it solve?

I now understand how to extract data from a page into current page, but there are still many questions that I don't understand, such as creating a block view or a non page view without a separate URL. How can I use HTMX to load the result set of the view onto a page?Can it do? not from URL page.

 {{ attach_library('htmx/drupal') }}
  //<button hx-get="/htmx/node/1/teaser"
  <button hx-get="/htmx/views/content_recent/block_1"  // I know it's wrong, I'm just using it to illustrate the issue.
        hx-swap="outerHTML ignoreTitle:true" class="button">
  <div id="drupal-off-canvas-wrapper" >11</div>

I know now, it is the wrong by hx-select, it uses the selector from the page of hx-get.

Also, can it obtain data from different domains?

 {{ attach_library('htmx/drupal') }}
  <button hx-get=""
        hx-swap="outerHTML ignoreTitle:true" class="button">
  <div id="drupal-off-canvas-wrapper" >11</div>

I tested it doesn't work.

Yes, there are many modules that can add ID attributes, such as block_class, but they all have duplicate features and their own differences. For example, block_class cannot change the tag, while fences cannot add ID attributes. However, if they are all installed, they have many duplicate features. I think only one of them is needed, so I hope fences can add the ID feature.

Its inclusion in future plans is good news.

My idea is to display it at the foot of the page to show the total PV of visits to the website. It will accumulate daily visits, and over time, it will become a huge number. When people see the huge number of real traffic, how will they feel, I feel they will have a deep impression for the site.

There is a feature request, hope it has a total PV record, Each page visit will be count one time to display a total PV.

I have found the reason now, it is due to the block_ajax module causing the issue.

It may conflict with a certain module, I can't find it. However, I don't use block display, I just create a block and use the block token to put it at the head of the article. Just take its value.

When adding a block, I chose to display the block title, but it was not actually displayed. Is this a bug?

Yes, it displays English on non English websites feels asymmetrical.

Additionally, I hav a suggestion that it supports custom words or sentences. It uses a dedicated entity (like poll β†’ ) to create custom words or sentences for display in this module. If implemented in the future, it will be an interesting module.

OK, I know now, thank you, It is somewhat similar to inline_formatter_field β†’ , it can enable different Twig template for each node's view mode. It can be used in views. Additionally, it can also serve as a twig editor.
They are similar but some different, so I leave it here. If possible, you can link to each other in similar module.
Of course, it depends on your decision. I am just a user and have no other intentions. I hope more people know about good things. at the same I am very grateful to the contributors of these modules, including you.


I have understood some, but there is still an important point that I have not understood, As shown in your picture, where to show the data from the third image displayed, which link or url?

I created a widget, but how to use it and where to display the data of the widget twig template to the webpage. Thank you.

The third image as following:


I may not have described it clearly, my English is not good.

I mean that, this vote poll can only use single check box, and I hope to provide a multi check box to choose, Voters can choose multiple options by check box.

I know replace filter, However, my use case requires matching of some strings:

{{ '50/01'|preg_replace('/^(11|12|31|50)\\/(01|02)$/','$1') }}

Thank you, It works normally.

Can this module (statistics) count non node entities, such as storage or views page?

I have found the reason now, I set the title to be centered on the mobile version, while the desktop version is left by default. When browsing pages on the mobile and flushing, it first show the default CSS style of the desktop, and then show the style of the mobile, There is a delay in browsing on the phone, so will see a jumping effect.{text-align:center;}

It may be due to the module browserclass β†’ use, it at the last using JavaScript to add the class.

Thank you

Thank you very much for the response.

I currently have an issue with the CSS injector. When using a custom CSS style to override the default style, whenever the page is refreshed, it always executes the default style first and then the custom style. For example, the title is left aligned by default. When I set the title to center through the CSS injector, whenever the page is refreshed, the title is first left aligned and then jumps to center.

Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you

Also, could you add an option to center the title, I add style through CSS injector to center the title. Whenever the page is refreshed, the title is first left aligned and then centered, which gives a strange feeling.


Have you not noticed this problem? Or is it just me that has this problem?

Sorry, my English is not good, I should say captcha, not verification code, Like this recaptcha β†’

I have searched for many related modules, but they are all just blocking forms submit, What I hope for is to trigger captcha when a visitor visits a large number of pages in a short period of time, not submit forms.

Thank you

I am currently using classes to control the display, although the effect is not very good, but hope one day it can solve the problem. Or leave some suggestions to the core issue to solve two types of device caching problems.

Perhaps the core issue is not user-friendly enough, or it does not support separate caching of two devices. I use PHP to obtain device information, but there is the same problem. It can only display the first hit cache, and to make it effective, internal page caching must be disabled, but this greatly reduces performance.

Yes. I used a table to layout the content, but it was displayed too large on the mobile screen if there were too many


Can this problem be solved?

I suggested in the core issue ✨ Set up two caching systems for mobile and computer devices Closed: works as designed that desktop browser caching and mobile browser caching be separated to solve two different client caching problems, but it was not adopted.

The another module ( mobile_detect β†’ ) also has the same problem.

Thank you

However, I have found that almost all ajax modules do not support tokens, such as block_ajax β†’ , ajax_big_pipe β†’ , io β†’ , quicktabs β†’ . When I enable them, if a token is used in them, it will be invalidated, it blocks the retrieval of data from the current page. However, if I close ajax, everything becomes normal again, I haven't seen any Ajax modules using caching to solve this problem.

Ok, It's working now, thank you

Hello, Still have problem:

Test Code:

{% set dict1 = '{"44":"test"}'|decode_json %} {# for twig_json_decode moudel #}
{% set dict2 = '{"44":"test"}'|json_decode %} {# for twig_tools moudel #}

1.{{ dict1["44"] }}<br>
2.{{ dict2["44"] }}<br>
{% for k,v in dict1 %}
    {{ "for twig_json_decode moudel normal output ==" }} {{ k }}-{{ v }}
{% endfor %}
{% for k,v in dict2 %}
    {{ "for twig_tools moudel no output ==" }} {{ k }}-{{ v }}
{% endfor %}
{{ dump() }}

Yes, I know about this module, but it doesn't have a stable version yet and doesn't support text tabs. When using block tabs, it sometimes not work. I am also following it. Thank you for your response.

Now working normally, but if the field data obtained is empty, use json_decode filter, the page will have an error.

I see now, as long as the module is installed, it automatically adds attributes to the body tag.

I test the following CSS, they each work normally, so they are working according to the design, but the tokens not, just like the question I mentioned. p {
  font-size: 30px;
} p {
  font-size: 11px;

Is this issue related to classes?

Will this caching issue be resolved if adding classes correctly to the page's body tag?

Thank you

I only tested tokens and did not test classes, And I don't know how to use classes.

I want to use this module to obtain information from the PC and Mobile devices, and then decide to display different page layouts.

This issue is not only appear to the Body field of the content, such as blocks and views use these tokens, also the same problem.


Either log out all to access through PC and Mobile devices or log in all.
But not log in to access through PC devices, and log out to access through Mobile devices.

Steps To Reproduce:
1.Add content > Article
2.Place the following token to Body, Text format choose Full HTML, Save the Article.


3.Flush all caches.
4.Access the node article by PC device first. You can see the token replacement information. chrome114
4.desktop chrome114 win desktop

5.Access the node article by Mobile device now. You can see the token replacement are the same of PC device.
6.Flush all caches again but please not in the current node article page.
7.Access the node article by Mobile device first. You can see the token replacement information. chrome99
3. chrome99 android mobile

6.Access the node article by PC device now. You can see the token replacement are the same of Mobile device.

I also have the same problem, have you solved it? I can't see any content on my mobile device either.

{% if is_mobile() %}


{% endif %}

field_jsondata from this module datafield β†’ add the field of json type. test in drupal 10.2.3

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