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Created on 4 April 2024, 3 months ago
Updated 6 June 2024, about 1 month ago


Before ๐Ÿ› Icons are invisible in high contrast mode Active got fixed icons were invisible in the high contrast now. They are visible now but problem is they are only barely visible and still really hard to recognize.

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I've tested on the latest version of 1.x-dev with edge on macos (enable automatic dark mode ticked, forced colors active and preer contrast set to more) .

  • the icons as well as the carets are only barely visible
  • the right border of the border is invisible, that way it is impossible to distinguish between drawer and background of the main content area
  • the caret inside the expand and collapse button at the bottom of the sidebar is also close to invisible

  • with the sidebar expanded and the focus on configuration in this case, hovering the mouse cursor over appearance the outline is also hardly noticeable

  • with the sidebar collapsed hovering over a top level item without sub menu items a dark badge is shown in the none high contrast mode. with the high contrast mode on, the dark background of that badge fusions into one with the dark background of the main content area and the sidebar.

  • on small viewports with the drawer collapsed it is not possible to recognize it is a top bar and the icon is nearly invisible

  • on small viewports with the drawer expanded the close button is not visible

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