Convert field_storage_config and field_config's form validation logic to validation constraints

Created on 28 November 2022, over 1 year ago
Updated 20 February 2024, 11 days ago


As long as field_storage_config and field_config are not validatable (see #2164373-28: [META] Untie config validation from form validation — enables validatable Recipes, decoupled admin UIs … , it will be difficult to build a "Field UI 2.0" with confidence, and we definitely won't be able to create such a thing as a decoupled JS application.

This would also allow us to remove the following in \Drupal\Tests\field\Kernel\FieldStorageCrudTest:

  // TODO : test creation with
  // - a full fledged $field structure, check that all the values are there
  // - a minimal $field structure, check all default values are set
  // defer actual $field comparison to a helper function, used for the two cases above

Proposed resolution

Remove form-coupled validation logic from:

… and keep the existing test coverage the same, at most expand it.

Note that additional validation constraints will be necessary beyond what already exists, because a form-based UI only allows certain inputs, not arbitrary inputs, which are possible via an API.

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