Views display extenders should only save enabled extenders

Created on 8 July 2024, 10 days ago
Updated 18 July 2024, about 11 hours ago


When saving Drupal\views_ui\Form\AdvancedSettingsForm, display extenders that are disabled still get saved with a '0' value which causes issues with Views validation here πŸ“Œ Add validation constraints to views.settings Postponed .

We are having to filter them out in Drupal\views\Views::getEnabledDisplayExtenders()

Steps to reproduce

This is reproduced in the tests in πŸ“Œ Add validation constraints to views.settings Postponed when attempting to validate the schema for a display extender of "0"

Proposed resolution

Filter out disabled extenders when saving via the UI

Remaining tasks

Merge request

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API changes


Data model changes


Release notes snippet

Disabled extenders no longer get saved to the Views configuration via the UI

πŸ› Bug report

Needs review


11.0 πŸ”₯

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