Drawer closes when moving from the opening item to "popover"

Created on 1 April 2024, 18 days ago
Updated 18 April 2024, 1 day ago


Currently, when you move from the first menu item you want to hover (ie "Configuration") to go to the drawer to interact with any of the children, it will probably close before you reach your target. The reason is that you're leaving the target item ("configuration", without entering the other target ("configuration drawer-popover").

In a lot of places this is solved with a small delay, but it makes the interaction a bit slower. But Drupal's admin UI is a working space where people will want fast response and interaction times.

Proposed resolution

Implement a solution that doesn't add extra reaction time but that improves the current interaction.

Amazon and Angular, for example, implemented a solution that detects the direction of the cursorโ€™s path:

If the cursor moves into the blue triangle the currently displayed submenu will stay open for just a bit longer. Image from Ben Kamens blog post.

Thanks to @lauriii for sharing this really useful post.

Remaining tasks

Update the interaction.

User interface changes

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