Toolbar focus styles are not sufficiently obvious to know where your focus is

Created on 18 March 2022, almost 2 years ago
Updated 15 February 2024, 16 days ago


While reviewing πŸ› Active toolbar tray has weak affordance and fails WCAG color criteria Needs work during accessibility office hours (thanks!), @rainbreaw pointed out that while the new styles for the active tray are much better, the focus style is still very difficult to parse to see what item in the toolbar (either top-level tabs or even links within each subtray) currently has focus.

πŸ“Œ Toolbar style update Needs work aims to improve this for Claro, but we should fix it in the core toolbar styles and Seven, too.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Drupal core.
  2. Login as an admin user that can access the toolbar.
  3. Tab around and try to figure out which item has focus.

Proposed resolution

Add a focus ring to the toolbar styles so that the item with focus is truly obvious. Details TBD.

Remaining tasks

  1. Design the right thing.
  2. Implement it.
  3. Write or expand tests for this?
  4. Reviews / refinements.

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API changes

Data model changes

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πŸ› Bug report

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