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🇮🇳India iyyappan.govind Chennai, India

I have added you as a maintainer. Please feel free to work on this module and let me know if you need any support. Thanks

🇮🇳India iyyappan.govind Chennai, India

Hi jrockowitz,

I understand your point and I agree with you. But think about the case like, content editor or content manager are using resend page effectively and frequently to send an email to webform submition user. Content edtior would like to send an proper email based on the State field (custom field) which has nearly 20 state and 20 individual email handlers. In this case if we list 20 email handlers then the editor or site builder will get confusion and there is possibility to choose wrong email handler which is not relevant to current state (hence we are allowing any field in conditions to add it). Looking forward your response.

🇮🇳India iyyappan.govind Chennai, India

If handlers satifies all the conditions then status should be enabled. If we show status disabled then it is confusing. So if all conditions are met then I set status true in the patch.

🇮🇳India iyyappan.govind Chennai, India

Removed unused protected variable $corsConfig controller class and updated the patch. Please review the patch.


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