Do not allow cards to grow more than 4-per-row

Created on 5 February 2024, 5 months ago
Updated 19 June 2024, 23 days ago


Currently, Project Browser defaults to showing 12 projects per page.

The default grid display used to display 3 columns. However, now the number of columns varies with the screen width, with wider screens showing up to 5 columns. This looks odd with 12 projects, because the third row only shows two projects.

Steps to reproduce

Install Project Browser. Open on a wide screen. Check third row of grid.

Proposed resolution

Make the Svelte app recognise the screen width and calculate how many columns are being displayed. Adjust the options in the "number of projects" drop-down accordingly.

There are two approaches we could take:

  • Keep the projects per page at multiples of 12 for up to 4 columns, since that will result in even columns. Increase to 15 for 5 columns.
  • Aim to keep 4 rows, so for 3 columns multiples of 12 would be used, for 4 columns, multiples of 16 would be used, and for 5 columns multiples of 20 would be used. I don't think we should drop below 12 for 1 or 2 columns.
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