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MR looks good to me, nothing more to change here.
We should mention this in the release notes however, for projects using IEF, so they can include it in their root composer.

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Seems i've patched the patch from https://www.drupal.org/project/facets/issues/3013702#comment-14588342 multiple facets with one apply button Needs review

Closing this one as a duplicate. Sorry for the noise.

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Reading up a bit on the symfony unpack feature, they even made it the default (auto) behavior now to unpack composer packages when installing symfony packs (which are really similar to what recipes are).
Was wondering if we could just pull in symfony/flex and then use the symfony unpack command.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

Just nothing that this approach does not work for mails sent by other mail builders then the LegacyEmailBuilder.

That's the only plugin setting the needed parameter for reroute_email_mailer_build()

 * Implements hook_mailer_build().
function reroute_email_mailer_build(EmailInterface $email) {
  // Prevent calling reroute for symfony legacy email builder.
  // For the mode an email reroute is handled by symfony_mailer itself by invoke 'mail' hook.
  // @see \Drupal\symfony_mailer\Plugin\EmailBuilde\LegacyEmailBuilderr::createParams()
  if (!empty($email->getParam('legacy_message'))) {

If using the symfony_mailer_bc submodule and provided user mails (for example contact mails, this breaks).

Error: [] operator not supported for strings in user_mail() (line 795 of core/modules/user/user.module).

This because the body is predefined to a string in this patch, while it should be an array for the user_module. However this does then conflict again in reroute_email.

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
TypeError: nl2br(): Argument #1 ($string) must be of type string, array given in nl2br() (line 500 of modules/contrib/reroute_email/reroute_email.module).
nl2br(Array) (Line: 500)

No solution yet IMO, just posting here for people to get a heads up.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

This was merged and included in the latest release.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

It might be not that bad as thought.


The issue is already fixed in phpstan-druoal, just waiting for a new release should be enough.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

This looks perfect! Only removal of things, without changing code, thus only removal of false positives.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

For me the changes look clean and good!

Only adding of access checks, and removing them from the baseline.

2 things wondering here.

There are still some entity query access checks left (in the baseline). Those might be fixed as well by a new update. Currently on mglaman/phpstan-drupal 1.1.27 (but 1.128 and 1.129 should fix some more?).

There are still some updated deps failures caused by entity access checks, which might also be fixed if we do the other update first?
See https://www.drupal.org/node/3060/qa and https://www.drupal.org/pift-ci-job/2592021

So not sure if we should do another update first here?

If not this is RTBC for me.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

Just FYI

B) The phpstan errors. These are actually caused because the phpstan library and phpstan-drupal library are updated in this MR. This seems out of scope here. Also some other libraries seem updated, which seems also out of scope.

🇧🇪Belgium mallezie Loenhout

Thanks! Totally forgot about this one.

Just checked the new MR, and seems the same to the original. (Which i did, so probably i'm not the one allowed to put it in RTBC).

Closed the old merge request.

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