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The Logo preview from #13 is definitely the best looking of all of them. Maybe move the 4-way arrow down a little? Its so closed to centered vertically it bothers me it isn't. i'd either go down a little or move it up so it's 1/4 way from the top of the page. Just my opinion.

I added a more indepth video to show what SmartTrim Can do. As well as the screenshot with the formatter drop down opened, so you can see the characters/words options.

I attached a video of the Smart Trim Module in action.

I tried and was also unable to recreate this. Im on Drupal version 10.0.6, and Smart Trim version 2.0.0.

I have uploaded a couple screenshots to show this module in action. The first screenshot is trimmed to 100 characters. The second is trimmed to 100 words.

I looked at some alternative modules to see how they were laid out. The Smart Date Module and the Inline Entity Form module. I looked at the Widget Formatters for both and have attached some screenshots of each. I believe the drop down tab in the Image Formatter is the best option to achieve what your looking for. I have also attached a screenshot of the Image Formatter as well.

I created a few issues from @todo's that I found in the codebase.

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