Mentor Meeting - 10 July 2024

Created on 10 July 2024, 8 days ago

Mentor Meeting - 10 July 2024

This meeting is on 10 July in the #mentoring-team channel on Drupal Slack at 20:00 UTC. This meeting is text-only, no audio or video, and is asynchronous so everyone can join in as they're available for about 24 hours. After that, we'll capture notes from the threads.

Please add agenda items by editing this issue summary or commenting below.

Draft Agenda

:drupal-mentoring: :drupal-mentoring: :drupal-mentoring:
Hello everyone. Welcome to the Drupal Core Mentoring Meta Meeting! :calendar: This meeting:
➤ Usually happens on the second Wednesday of the month, or as needed for events.
➤ is text only!
➤ happens in threads, which you can follow to be notified of new replies even if you don’t comment in the thread. You may also join the meeting later and participate asynchronously.
➤ refers to various issues and plans tracking in the mentoring project on d.o:
➤ :star: Please comment on the meeting agenda at so we can grant you credit for attending/contributing! Please note, we will only give attributions for active engagement.

:zero: Roll Call! Who’s here today? Comment in a thread here to introduce yourself, include your name, and if you're up to answering an icebreaker, what was your dream job as a kid?

:one: :zero: DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 - 2024.09.24 - 2024.09.27

:one: :one: DrupalCon Barcelona - who's planning on attending? Mentoring tickets are due to be sent out soon if not already.

:one: :two: DrupalCon Barcelona - Tasks that need to get done
- add method to sign-up mentors to send communications (opensocial)
- send call for mentors communication (opensocial)
- ensure that Kuoni Tumlare have the Box 
- finishing coordinating BoF timings with Michaela from Kuoni

:one: :three: DrupalCon Barcelona - First-time Contributor's Workshop 09.25 and 09.27

:one: :four: DrupalCon Barcelona - Mentor Orientation 09.25 and 09.26

:one: :five: DrupalCon Barcelona - Mentored Contribution 09.27

:two: :zero: Maintainers.txt

:two: :one:

:two: :two: We have follow up tasks, with regard to reaching out to each member on the Maintainers.txt to check current status
:two: :three: Anyone who wants to participate as a Mentoring Coordinator?

:three: Mentoring team documentation for running misc meetings (
Can someone create child issues for each meeting type? THIS IS A CTA.

:four: Contribution /tools page documentation - -

:five: :one: DrupalCon Singapore 2024 - 2024.12.09 - 2024.12.11 - Contribution day is 12.11.

:five: two: DrupalCon Singapore - who's planning on attending?

:five: three: DrupalCon Singapore - tasks that need to get done
- add method to sign-up mentors to send communications (opensocial)
- send call for mentors communication (opensocial)
- ensure that the organizing team know the supplies needed for contribution and mentored contribution
- ...

:six: :zero: Upcoming Drupal Camps -

:six: :one: Lead the all-new, fresh, clean, accessible and fully-scripted  First-time Contributed Workshop at an upcoming DrupalCamp! Local camps are in upcoming separate threads. The goal of this slide deck is that anyone can copy it and make adjustments to cater to their own local or regional event. It is flexible enough to run as an hour workshop or a 2-hour training. 

:seven: Mentoring team governance task to update our outdated governance model ( We need to polish, coordinators come to consensus, and submit back upstream.

:eight: Open floor/other topics. Please start a new thread.

That's it for now! Continue the conversation in the threads above or below and in issues. Remember to post in the meeting issue or in the roll call thread! And volunteer!!!!
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