CKEditor 5 table cell vertical align "middle" doesn't work

Created on 29 March 2024, 15 days ago
Updated 8 April 2024, 5 days ago


CKEditor 5 table cell vertical align uses "middle" by default, but after the entity save vertical align is "top"

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create table with 2 cells
  2. Add a lot of content to left cell
  3. Add a little of content to right cell
  4. CKEditor shows that left cell vertical align is middle
  5. After entity save the table cell doesn't have any inline styles
  6. But vertical align "top" or "bottom" works fine

Proposed resolution

Fix CKEditor to adding inline style to cell "vertical align: middle"

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes

Data model changes

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