Custom Core Twig Filter "format_date" conflicts with twig/intl-extra

Created on 5 February 2024, 5 months ago
Updated 10 July 2024, 3 days ago


Some twig functions are not part of Twig core, but come with twig/intl-extra, like:

To be able to use them, I created . This simply adds the composer dependency and adds the extension.

This works great, but then I ran into this issue: 🐛 Twig\Error\RuntimeError: The date format "html_date" does not exist Active and looking for the reason, I found a major issue in Drupal core:

new TwigFilter('format_date', [$this->dateFormatter, 'format']),

has a naming conflict with the Twig function:

Both are using the same name for the |format_date() filter.

Drupal should not overwrite Twigs naming, but (I guess for historic reasons) does.

It's not very widely used in core (, but might be used in contrib!

I have no idea how to solve this cleanly, but Drupal overwriting the Twig method is unexpected and should not be done.
I couldn't find other naming conflicts.

This makes it impossible to use Twig IntlExtension in general, as it produces these conflicts everywhere |format_date() filter is used.

Steps to reproduce

Register Twig IntlExtension as documented on or simply use the module for that
Visit a page where a template with |format_date() filter is used, for example /admin/reports/translations

Proposed resolution

Resolve the naming conflict by renaming the Drupal core twig filter "format_date" (which is a breaking change) so that the Twig method is not used twice or being overwritten.
Any other ideas?

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