Editing paragraphs does not work in a Content Moderation workflow

Created on 25 January 2022, over 2 years ago
Updated 10 July 2024, 2 days ago


When enabling the core content moderation workflow, editing paragraphs in a draft updates the latest revision of the paragraph and publishes the newly created revision.

Editors can make drafts, which is a new non-active revision of the current node. Editing Paragraphs on the current node will give us a lot of issues and all versions will be out of sync.

The desired workflow (in my opinion) to edit paragraphs in combination with Content Moderation is the following:
- Someone creates and publishes a node.
- Editor will have permission to edit the paragraphs in the Front-end. Changes are saved as a Draft. A new revision will be made, but will not be active.
- When visiting the node, no changes are visible. Content Moderation provides a local task to see the "Latest version" of the node. Editor is not able to edit the current live page via Front-end. Editor can go to /node/[nid]/latest to see the latest (non-published) revision. On that page the editor should be able to edit the paragraphs using contextual filters again. When saving, a new revision is created, but not set active.

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