[Meta] Use Install/Uninstall consistently for turning modules/themes on/off (not Enable)

Created on 30 June 2017, almost 7 years ago
Updated 3 April 2024, 10 days ago


There is a UI that lets you turn a module/theme on/off. Turning it on adds configuration and often database tables. Turning it off removes content, configuration, and/or database tables. The UI for this should consistently use the verbs "Install" and "Uninstall". Currently it mostly does use these verbs, but it says "Enable" in a few places.

Proposed resolution

The UI for this should consistently use the verbs "Install" and "Uninstall" for turning a module/theme on/off.
Comments and variables.

Fix hook_update_projects_alter() and update.report.inc (and possibly other places) still have references to disabled extensions.

Will mean a lot of data structures passed to/returned from hooks will change, but might just have to be a CR for that - we can check if those hooks are actually implemented in contrib or not.

Remaining tasks

Comment changes
Variable changes

User interface changes

More consistent wording.

API changes


Data model changes


Release notes snippet


People to credit

Duplicate issue #2856038: Confusing instructions when installing a theme in D8 : Please credit dbjpanda , yogeshmpawar, gaurav.kapoor, cilefen, joelpittet

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