Book weight only allow values form -15 to 15 once you are creating a new book page

Created on 16 February 2024, 5 months ago
Updated 1 July 2024, 11 days ago


If you have a book and you go to reorder the pages you can see it is possible to change the weight from -50 to 50. Imagine you have a book with a lot of levels and a lot of pages. If you go to create a new book page you can only set the weight for the new page from -15 to 15, this means maybe you need to create the book page in a level you don't want to place the page, and then you need to go to edit the Book and place your page in the correct place.

Steps to reproduce

Go to node/add/book and check in the Book Outline section the Weight, you can only select values from -15 to 15

Proposed resolution

Allow values from -50 to 50.

Remaining tasks

Review the patch.

User interface changes

The weight values can be from -50 to 50 when you're creating a book page.

API changes


Data model changes


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