Autologout does not handle multiple destinations

Created on 27 July 2022, almost 2 years ago
Updated 5 June 2024, 15 days ago


In some cases, drupal has "destinations" array, where the user might be redirected more than once.
This shows an error: "Undefined index: destination" around AutologoutSubscriber.php:137

if (... && (strpos($parse_url, 'destination') !== FALSE) && ...) {
        parse_str($parse_url, $output);
        $destination_uid = explode("/", $output['destination']);

Now the bug is simple: the if pass this as true, since strpos catch the word, without the "s" at the end.
But $output['destination'] does not works, since the property name is "destinations".

Steps to reproduce

Go with process of adding field to an entity via the admin UI.
(See core module field_ui - FieldUI.php -> getNextDestination() )

Proposed resolution

Either iterate through destinations array (or just pop the last, or the first)

Or ignore this scenario altogether, (since the last redirect will have normal "destination", so no need to process anything at this point)

Change strpos to something that will not detect "destinations".

Remaining tasks

Provide a patch.

User interface changes


API changes


Data model changes


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