Adjust the radio button design to the Drupal Design system

Created on 2 July 2022, about 2 years ago
Updated 20 June 2024, 23 days ago


When testing alpha1 (Drupal 9.4.1 with Claro as the admin theme) I've noticed an odd styling for the focus outline of a radiobutton in the filters section. it isn't a proper circle but the outskirts of the circle are somehow cropped (i've initially tested in the latest firefox):

I've then tested with the latest chrome as well. There the outline is shown as a square:

Aside the focus outline the general look and feel of the radiobuttons differs from the ones in the Drupal Design System/Claro

The styling is different in three browsers i've tested in (dev status as is, maintenance status :hover, security advisory :focus - tested on MacOS Monterey)


- the radiobuttons are too small
- the blue color doesn't match the drupal design system
- the radiobutton style is completely broken with a white center and a blue outline.
- darker colors on hover for the unselected radiobutton and the selected radio button aren't shown
- no focus outline


- the blue colors don't exactly match
- the blue circle in the center is bigger than in the drupal design system
- the color change on hover isn't really visible and only slightly.
- the focus outline seems cropped in firefox (the initial reason of this ticket)
*on a sidenote i have set hover for both maintenance status radiobuttons and focus for both security advisory coverage radiobuttons but in contrast to the other two browsers it is an either or in firefox. you are unable to set both radiobuttons of a group to hover.


- the radio-buttons are grey and not blue
- the radiobuttons look more sophisticated with thinner outlines in edge but still differ in styling to Claro
- the color change on hover is hard to notice.
- the focus outline is a rectangle instead of a circle

Proposed resolution

I would orient in regards of styling but as well as the way the radiobuttons are built to Claro. There the radiobuttons are way more robust and show consistantely and reliably in all the three browsers I've tested.
On a sidenote like with checkbox components Claro uses a SVG to build the circle in the center. Perhaps something to consider for project browser as well.

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  • ☐ Automated tests needed/written?
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