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🇬🇧United Kingdom sagraham

Like Rory, keen to see there changes merged and deployed. Subscribing to keep up.

🇬🇧United Kingdom sagraham

I hit this issue this week after updating to Drupal 10.0.7. Typical solutions such as running drush cr were failing with the error

In EntityTypeManager.php line 139:
The "XXX" entity type does not exist.

with XXX usually being date_format, but also user and others. I also tried truncating the cache tables by hand but that still didn't fix the issue.

Adding my fix for anyone who finds themselves here after Googling some error messages.

The only solution I could find was to delete the /vendor, /web/core and /web/modules/contrib folders and re running composer install.

Once that was done, the site was running again.

Production build 0.62.1