The methods getSectionStorage, getCurrentSection and getCurrentComponent are missing from BlockContentInlineBlockTranslateForm

Created on 10 February 2023, about 1 year ago
Updated 3 April 2024, 16 days ago

It has been reported that the translate block not working under some circumstances because of the following fatal error:

Call to undefined method Drupal\layout_builder_st\Form\BlockContentInlineBlockTranslateForm::getSectionStorage() in Drupal\layout_builder\Plugin\Field\FieldWidget\LayoutBuilderWidget->getSectionStorage()

Can be also the case that a custom form alter assumes that the methods getSectionStorage, getCurrentSection or getCurrentComponent exist since those methos are present on the layout_builder core form when editing the component on the default language: \Drupal\layout_builder\Form\ConfigureBlockFormBase

Would be interesting to add those methods to the BlockContentInlineBlockTranslateForm to have parity with the ConfigureBlockFormBase

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