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I've looked into the services.yml of cl_server and storybook.

There's still the theme.negotiator.storybook, which facilitates the theme switch. I just needed to fix the route name:

diff --git a/storybook/src/Theme/StorybookThemeNegotiator.php b/storybook/src/Theme/StorybookThemeNegotiator.php
index 7288b43212..dff64b8c92 100644
--- a/storybook/src/Theme/StorybookThemeNegotiator.php
+++ b/storybook/src/Theme/StorybookThemeNegotiator.php
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ public function applies(RouteMatchInterface $route_match): bool {
       return FALSE;
     $theme = $this->getTheme();
-    return ($route_name === 'storybook.render' && !empty($theme));
+    return ($route_name === 'storybook.render_story' && !empty($theme));

I can now get the render route to use a specific theme by adding the query param _drupalTheme=MY_THEME_NAME, like

The question is: how to we get the information, which theme should be used into Storybook.js ? Do we need a Storybook.js extension like the @lullabot/storybook-drupal-addon or can we add an option/meta to our stories which theme could be used?

Maybe @e0ipso can point me in the right direction?

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Hi there, I just wanted leave a comment here that the solution in 3388112-ajaxresponse-fix worked for me. Thanks so much.

🇩🇪Germany arnalyse

I've run into this issue and have tried to get a conversation going on 2883450 about this.

🇩🇪Germany arnalyse

We're running into an issue similar to the one kala4ek described.

The OpenID Connect module generated its redirect URIs like https://default/openid-connect/generic, but now includes the language, e.g. https://default/en/openid-connect/generic

This is a huge problem for us, as it breaks the SSO login for our users when upgrading to D10.1
An issue for this hals already been created: https://www.drupal.org/project/openid_connect/issues/3383036 Redirect URI has the language prefix in it (in D10) Needs review

The OpenID Connect module generates its links as follows:

return Url::fromRoute('openid_connect.redirect_controller_redirect', $route_parameters, [
  'absolute' => TRUE,
  'language' => $this->languageManager->getLanguage(LanguageInterface::LANGCODE_NOT_APPLICABLE),

I'm not sure that LANGCODE_NOT_APPLICABLE should get a language as the definition of LANGCODE_NOT_APPLICABLE reads as follows:

 * The language code used when the marked object has no linguistic content.
 * Should be used when we explicitly know that the data referred has no
 * linguistic content.
 * See http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-no-language#nonlinguistic.

I'd like to help resolve this, so if anyone knows what the correct way to generate a url without a langcode should be from now on, please let me know, so I can generate a patch for the OpenID Connect module.

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Just for completeness sake: Drupal 9.5.9 has removed the calls to locale_system_set_config_langcodes() which were former placed in locale_themes_installed() and locale_modules_installed().

If I'm not mistaken locale_system_set_config_langcodes() isn't called anywhere else.

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