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Hello Jaypan

Did you find these in core\themes\olivero\templates\content\node.html.twig line 88 or somewhere else?

I have already created a sub-theme, what file should I put in the sub theme to break these links for good?

Eventually I have moved the place of the taxonomy tags block with JavaScript by creating a new JavaScript file with this code:

window.addEventListener('load', ()=>{
    return setTimeout( ()=>{
        // put tags block under SOME_BLOCK

        const element_1 = document.querySelector('#SOME_BLOCK');
        const element_2 = document.querySelector('.field--name-field-categories');
        element_1.insertAdjacentElement('afterend', element_2);

What's a global flag? 

Google search mostly bring results about flags of different states like UK and China :)

Is it something in Bash?


I went through all linked pages but didn't find anything about -d or debug mode and how to cancel it after it was started.

I didn't find these there. 

Also, the words flag/option/argument don't appear there.

Thanks a lot for all your guidance and help dear Adriancid.

May this be an inspiration to others !


I got that output but didn't find anything about these two flags there.

The words flag/option/argument don't appear in this output.

Adriancid I misunderstood the explanation.

Do you mean that after I click the button and put the number 1 💬 How to bulk delete all revisions besides current revision for all nodes from all content types? Fixed , then I should run commands as follows?

drush node-revision-delete:queue CONTENT_TYPE_1
drush node-revision-delete:queue CONTENT_TYPE_2
drush node-revision-delete:queue CONTENT_TYPE_3
drush node-revision-delete:queue CONTENT_TYPE_4
drush node-revision-delete:queue CONTENT_TYPE_5

Thanks a lot adriancid.

I think that I will keep old revisions existing for now and just wait until there is a CLUI command or a GUI button to just delete all revisions which are not the current revision, anywhere and everywhere.

Should I run this command?

vendor/bin/drush nrd-delete-prior-revisions CONTENT_TYPE_NAME

Thanks Adriancid.

Do you have any suggestion for me what to do if all I want is just no revisions besides current revision for all nodes from all content types?

Hello Adriancid !

Please help me out here a bit more as I am not a PHP programmer and probably don't fully get what do you suggest me to try.

I have more than 600 nodes so I need some automation.
For example, I have a content type named dp_ltr, so I have tried this:

vendor/bin/drush node-revision-delete dp_ltr

But I got:

Command "node-revision-delete" is not defined.

Is it a good practice to do drush cache:rebuild before making a backup?

On my shared hosting environment of Namecheap and Cpanel I can either export a plain sql file of a particular database from PHPMyadmin or download a particular database sql.gz with a Cpanel tool named "Backup".

What do you mean what is the use case?

I want to have a node bundle that nodes of which can't be bigger than A4 in size.
Pretty much like editing an XML document in a rich text editor, but just in Drupal.

The use case is to just have a content piece edited and maintained in one place parsed and rendered inside the content body of various nodes.

It's like a MediaWiki template page TEMPLATE:NAME_OF_TEMPLATE that you can call to in any wikipedia article by {{NAME_OF_TEMPLATE}}.

I have edited to clarify that I didn't mean to a view in a region but inside the CKEditor 5 area itself, in between markup added with CKEditor 5, that's where I want to duplicate the original node.

I was not on the layout builder screen -- I was viewing a node which contains the layout builder block in one of its regions.

I think that a pencil menu link to layout should be there so we won't have to click "Edit" and only then, when we are inside the edit page, be able to click "Layout".
I think that we should be able to access the layout page from outside the block edit page.

It's just saving one step, instead of clicking "Edit" to go to to the block edit page and there click "Layout", we could prevent that step and click "Layout" directly from the block's pencil menu.


Translating from Hebrew to English, that's what I get now, from the block's pencil menu.

  • Configure block
  • Remove block
  • Edit
  • Translate block

The block pencil menu I desire to have is this:

  • Configure block
  • Remove block
  • Edit
  • Translate block
  • Configure block layout

I personally use Context to hide certain regions (such as the sidebar region) in certain content types (such as the homepage content type).

Another possible reasonable use, if I am not mistaken, is setting another theme for a specific user-role, so for example if you are the admin, you could use another theme, different than the default theme for generally all users, but I once had a case where I had set a theme which had an error and I had to sovle the error to come back to use the site regularly myself (all that time, the site kept working regularly for all other users) so one should be careful with setting a theme for a user-role with Context.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Drupal 10.2.2 or later (in my case the language is Hebrew).
  2. Create a layout builder block.
  3. Add some content (heading, passage) to that layout builder block.
  4. Place the layout builder block in any region you choose.
  5. Mouse hover on that layout builder block in the respective region.
  6. Click the pencil icon for the shortcut admin actions on the top-left part of that layout builder block.
  7. You would find a link to "Edit" but you will not find a link to "Layout" .

First I think that Drupal 10 requires much less modules then Drupal 7 for example.

For my personal one-person Drupal 10 projects, just two modules are normally enough, Context and Webform .

Some people may need some XML sitemap module but I prefer manual scanning requests in Google Search Console over relying on a sitemap but if you have more than 100 webpages yeah in many cases a sitemap is nice and can help.

Some people may need some meta tags module but in many cases I think a good <H1> tag and a good opener passage and a good URL alias are enough. I think metatags are to some extent a thing of the past with all the artificial intelligence anlysis of webpages from search engines nowadays.

I personally don't think it should be difficult as long as you use a sub-theme.
The CSS of the subtheme should override any CSS, of core or of a theme.

Oh, what confused me is that I ran this command not from my website's directory and then I got this output:

Composer could not find a composer.json file in /home/USERNAME
To initialize a project, please create a composer.json file. See

But when I ran it from my website's directory I got this output:

latest   : 10.2.2

Funny, I will add a cd "${HOME}" before it !

Oh I didn't mean what is the latest one installed on my system but what is the latest one out there meaning on the packagist repository or alternatively here on DO.

Hi Ressa

I didn't miss it, I just didn't check it because I am not at all a graphic designer or a web designer and even if I try to lean towards that direction then I don't imagine myself working with any tool to do frontend automation besides Elementor, unless it will be a core Drupal tool.

I am a website builder and SEOer and not a PHP programmer or a Twig themer.

I do write JavaScript and CSS and it helps me a lot with Drupal but indeed there is a problem that Drupal is doesn't have node frontend automation tools like Elementor and I believe that at some point it will backfire at the community big time.

From a bit of research I understand that these were the native core themes:

  • Drupal 1 and 2: Example (Aliased as "Stone Age").
  • Drupal 3 and 4: Goofy
  • Drupal 5 and 6: Garland
  • Drupal 7 and 8: Bartik
  • Drupal 9 and 10: Olivero

I so hope that Drupal 11 and 12 will have a new theme.

I have closed the original issue and created a new issue which I will try to distribute to community members better this time. Disconnect headers and footers from themes Active

A better suggestion: Disconnect headers and footers from themes Active

But I don't think I ask for support here, I want to pass on an idea, I wish people who make descisions (such as those who decided using Composer, Twig, YAML and Layout builder for Drupal 8) could read it. I write it from my personal experience of 13 years plus with Drupal. I believe that this voice is important to be heard for the future of Drupal.

I have no idea what Slack is and I will check about it soon enough but I don't think this fits in any way to Drupal Answers because again, this is just an idea. I would have made a 30 minute lecture about it in a podcast or conference or a Drupalcon or any event coming soon where the coummunity will let me speak. Can someone let me speak?

Well I didn't imagine that it would fall down to page 4 so fast... It is so fast that not many people saw it. I feel a bit of a sour feeling that probably not many people saw it and only one person followed it. Maybe there is a better place to publish this idea?

That's surprising to me because I don't find it at all in the list.

Please check attached image.

My problem is that when I go to the core issues queue ,

I can't find my post from two days ago 💬 Make headers totally modular, theme-agnostic Closed: outdated there.


It's as if someone has made my post hidden, although it appears to me open and active, so why can't I find this post in the issue queue (either in open issues or closed issues)?

You remind me something which went deep into my subconsciousness, the Gardland theme.

I think it's not responsive like Bartik or Olivero, or was it made responsive in its late releases or someone published some CSS overriding to make it responsive?

Thank you for this welcoming ! I didn't understand the slang, only the redundant name calling (I didn't use name calling towards you this entire talk).

I don't need your attention man, I better understand the current dynamics in the community and ensuring where to keep myself away from so thanks a bunch.

Hopefully you'll give me the credit of speaking American English quite good for someone who have never been to the U.S.A (your country thus I understand).

Rock on spiderman, again, I can too. You are doing good to yourself perhaps, not to others, in this thread.

No such keyboard in my place. I don't suggest you anything now.

Again I wish you to do much good in the world; I believe any person can do good and don't have any reason you are an exception, so all best.

We could have finished this nicely but you edited your comment to add nonsense on a pot and a kettle. Too bad man, too bad.

I have no desire to offend you. May you do lots of good in the world.

You interpret the things I say in a very strange manner. No one here cares or should care what you find funny. I find you a psycho, so what; you shouldn't heavily involve emotions with discussions here.

In my opinion you interpret me very wrongly.

Doubting in one time doesn't mean I won't have anything else to reply in another time; it depends on the response, of course, and I am still asking you the same question, trying to understand you, because I nothing I told you was funny or meant to be funny.

How is this fnny to tell you that this is your opinion? I takes mostly honesty to start with "In my opinion".

In your opinion there isn't, of course.

I didn't try to control you, I am asking you to stop abusing these forums for your "fun" (quote from yourself and following responses further proved this point in my opinion).

If you reject the request, I doubt I have anything further to add here.

Spiderman is that you? Here I can write nonsense too.

Please stop abusing these forums for your "fun".

In a moment you'll tell me you're also perfect won't you?...

I find this untrue. Best of luck in the good.

Your suggestion has been denied as well. I disagree with you that you don't lose time. Name calling won't bring us anywhere.

That's correct, currently I don't want to configure CKEditor to use the Drupal Media module (which will not necessarily be ported to other CMSs utilizing CKEditor). I guess that sums up the post then.

I didn't judge you but suggested you to do something which I still think you should do - to clarify in your profile that it is a profile of a company and that your responses here are monitored and often directed by company team and what is your motivation to "support" here if it is the case, getting contacted for jobs or mere grace?

Just as you suggest me to review my posts I further suggest you to review your own posts and understand why you lose time more than you "support".

Indeed they are but this conversation is between me and you and it seems to me that you inject it with unjustifable complexity by mentioning your partners which I shouldn't guess about or think about; I suggest you to better describe your motivations and ways of operation in your profile, it would help a lot.

I think that having multiple people using one account here is ingenuine and misleading. I hope the community will ban this practice.

I install Drupal and work with Drupal since year 2010 and have passed through versions 6 to 10 and I know the UI quite well; Drupal is the tool I require and fits well for my skillet as a site builder, scripter and SEOer; and yes I have checked other tools and found Drupal generally the best, but not perfect.

You fail to understand that this is even not about my skillet, but about my puritan approach to stay core only with with CKEditor; totally a matter of personal approach and personal choice and something that shouldn't bother you at all; it's an extreme act to metaphorically relate to that with "Swimming against the current will tire you and significantly increase the risk drowning." because an optional CKEditor add-on is not a "current", it's a matter of personal choice.

Team in-house here? I have no idea what this even mean. This conversation is so far between me and you.

I mean that the menu button of Drupal Media is not part of CKEditor core as a separate program implemented in Drupal (as far as I know CKEditor can be implemented in any CMS) and I prefer not to customize CKEditor itself at outside its core abilities at all, not even inside Drupal.

I need something simple "out of box" that comes with CKEditor core, not an add-on

That's it.

I work core only and will not install any add-on, call it "Drupal Media" or otherwise.

I didn't miss that; I have explained that I don't want to install Drupal Media.

I work core only.

As far as I can tell, you are not the spokesperson of the community and can't talk for all Drupal users and what they do or don't do with Olivero.

It should be clear that I have already performed the above and giving the same gradient to each part of the header will create a repetition of the same gradient, not one gradient to everything, and that's not something I want to do or think anyone should do.

It's not lack of kindness, it's just that no link is needed; changing a background color should be an easy task of generally one line of CSS and if it's not the case then probably the header design is wrong.

The article talks about an add-on of "Drupal media" which is not a native part of the CKEditor program.

Have I missed anything?

I don't think gumption for to perform some searches has anything to do with it; I need something simple "out of box" that comes with CKEditor core, not an add-on, so if there is no such thing, gladly that's not a major problem for me as I'll stick with basic CSS.

If it was simple enough, I'm sure an expert would have gladly suggest a way to do that, but I think you are missing an important point that should be extracted from my post; changing a background should not be so complicated; it is a problem for the Drupal community that it is, we are shrinking - not expanding from such a situation, and more so, from ignoring it.

I even believe that there is a better way to make a header in Drupal then re-writing Olivero's header CSS.

contributing fixes is not and should not be the only way to criticize open source software.

I have changed the phrasing of the sentence with that word.

Cilefen? please define "complain" ; criticism is allowed and often required ; especially from someone who can't contribute on a specific matter (I am not a Drupal themer) ; I will edit the phrasing.

This works:

#site-header__inner > div > > button >,
#site-header__inner > div > > button > {
	border-top: 3px solid #fff;

What an awful way to make a burger button; there is a standard Unicode character for that ().

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