Some ideas for storefront/administrator level permissions to scale and support target users

Created on 8 May 2024, 2 months ago
Updated 14 June 2024, 29 days ago


From working with Enterprise level teams, it's helpful to have the following types of users to support the initial target user who i building out the initial user ( β†’ ) who essentially has a business building out site for web site clients. (The web site clients will not be adding any content - in this model.)

Proposed resolution

Draft for permissions sets for a Drupal reseller type of project

Super Admin - Storefront Admin- this is just Regular Admin, but needed for Developers that help maintain the gardens

Gardens (storefront) Admin : This is the key - non-technical admin for the suite of sites<

  • This is the key - non-technical admin for the suite of sites
  • needs permissions for adding new sites, removing sites
  • setting up billing & metadata with the sites
  • able to add site - admins and site users - and help with password resets for site admins
  • consider whether you want to restrict content access - or maybe keep it for trouble-shooting issues.
  • can provide client with url to spin up the site - which which would start billing or trial period

Web site Admin this is our our Initial user

  • permissions scoped to a particular site
  • Within Drupal, they can can do pretty much everything - they're admin for the particulare site

These are additional users that we can have in a recipes in the individual drupal sites - keeping in mind that the site owners may not want to make edits to their own sites, but as our inital users' business grows, they may bring on content editors or site buiders to help them>

Site Builder

  • can do layouts and update - but not all admin premissions things
  • able to update robots.txt

Content Editor

  • - layout system - biggest part that's new etc - change add remove items from menus
  • not able to change things in the permissions system

Anonyomous user - maybe rename to Site visitor - no permissions - comments turned off if needed

  • no edit permissions - comments turned off if needed

next steps:
in Starshot
setting up the Permissions
export the configuration so it can be included in recipes
share with Darren

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