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Created on 1 April 2024, 18 days ago
Updated 3 April 2024, 16 days ago


When setting up TFA, the QR code is not displayed. The Google-API (chart.googleapis.com) for chart returns 502.

Google turned off the old Charts API, see: https://developers.google.com/chart/image

Steps to reproduce

Enable TOTP TFA and try to activate it for account. Only code is displayed, but a QR code is missing.

Proposed resolution

Remove the QR code generation via Google Charts API and use generation via local qrcode.js library.
Remove all related codes to Google charts API and add make the qrcode.js library required via hook_requirements.

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes

Data model changes

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πŸ‡³πŸ‡±Netherlands edvanleeuwen Waalwijk

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