Integrate CSPELL into linting checks in GitLab CI

Created on 8 March 2024, 4 months ago
Updated 22 May 2024, about 2 months ago


Support for CSPELL was recently added to GitLab CI.

It reports a number of spelling problems, some are genuine errors, some are proper nouns.

As the output is around 400 lines, I won't paste here, but the summary is:

CSpell: Files checked: 30, Issues found: 182 in 11 files

Full CSPELL output can be seen in the GitLab CI task output.

Steps to reproduce

Check CSPELL output in GitLab CI.

Proposed resolution

The majority of warnings are coming from the changelog, mostly from usernames. I don't think it's necessary to spellcheck this file, so I'll add it to the ignore list by adding to the _CSPELL_IGNORE_PATHS in .gitlab-ci.yml.

There are a couple of spelling errors in the readme, but the names of maintainers need to be added to dictionary, by adding to a .cspell-project-words.txt.

There are a number of source files with errors that will either need to be added to the .cspell-project-words.txt file or to a cspell:ignore comment withing the file.

Remaining tasks

Fix them.

Once all working, make CSPELL task mandatory.

User interface changes


API changes


Data model changes


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