Cannot access Attachment with token

Created on 12 February 2024, 10 days ago


I want to provide access to an Attachment PDF field via an access token.

Steps to reproduce

I have attached a simple Webform with an Attachment field to import.

The Submissions configuration for this form is configured to:

  • Allow users to view a submission using a secure token
  • Allow users to update a submission using a secure token
  • Allow users to delete a submission using a secure token


  1. Import the attached form
  2. As an anonymous user, that doesn't normally have permission to access webform submissions, submit the form
  3. As an anonymous user, either navigate to /webform/test/submissions/[sid]?token=[token] or, if you have email set up, the tokenized url is also in the body of the email for convenience.


  1. Anonymous user has access to the tokenized Submission url as expected
  2. Anonymous user does NOT have access the the Attachment url as expected

Proposed resolution

Allow access to the attachment using the generated token

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