Allow sending headers to the OpenTelemetry collector

Created on 12 February 2024, 19 days ago
Updated 28 February 2024, 4 days ago


Core's performance tests support sending traces to OpenTelemetry, this produces the dashboard at

Currently there isn't authorisation on that endpoint so people could potentially send invalid traces to it. Additionally, services like grafana cloud which contrib/custom tests writes might want to connect to require sending headers with the request.

We can use for core (which is also what grafana cloud uses), but implementing that will depend on this MR, which will also need to work with the no-headers case. Crediting @slashrsm for finding the basic auth docs.

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Proposed resolution

The third argument to OtlpHttpTransportFactory::create() is an array of headers. We can support a new environment variable, OTEL_COLLECTOR_HEADERS that's a json string, if it's set, decode it and add it here.

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