Updates in Navigation should come with notifications for users

Created on 3 March 2023, over 1 year ago
Updated 10 July 2024, 3 days ago


Currently, we are discussing updating how Blocks and Layouts are displayed. Block elements may be moved from Manage > Structure to Content and Appearance. This is going to be confusing to users.

When dramatic changes are made to the navigation, users should be alerted to it, so that they know that there is a change.

Currently, release managers will know about changes like this because it is in the changelog, but at not point are other authors and admin informed about the UI changes.

Proposed resolution

Users could be alerted by:

  • Adding a notice in the menu about recent UI changes
  • Adding information about the update in the user dashboard about recent UI changes
  • Adding information in the Help section about UI implications with different releases (including the latest one)
  • Including a note in the landing page about recent UI changes

Remaining tasks

  • Decide on the solution
  • Implement solutions

User interface changes


API changes


Data model changes


Release notes snippet

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  • Issue created by @mgifford
  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§United Kingdom AaronMcHale Edinburgh, Scotland

    One thing we have done, as of πŸ› Create a redirect for the new Block types path Fixed , is establish a UI pattern for how we provide a redirect and BC layer for when we do change paths in the Admin UI. So if a user has bookmarked an affected path in the admin UI, they will get a warning message letting them know about the change.

    That helps, but as this issue points out it doesn't really help people who have just updated and are now trying to figure out where a link went that they were previously using for X number of years.

    I don't have a solution to that problem yet, and historically, aside from release notes and documentation updates we haven't done anything in the UI itself (that I'm aware of), which sadly seems to be a common practice these days across software, I think to the point where users have come to expect that every update will confuse them by moving things around with no warning.

  • πŸ‡«πŸ‡·France andypost

    Help module can provide special section plugin, or even help topic which will be generated from changelog for example

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