Cannot save feed content form when using CSV parser and directory fetcher

Created on 26 February 2020, about 4 years ago
Updated 25 April 2023, about 1 year ago


I've encountered an issue when trying to save feed content. I can't seem to be able to save the form as I'm getting a "Please enter a valid URL." form error. I believe the URL I'm entering to be correct since I've entered the path in the database manually and the import works great.

This issue might be related to the CSV parser as I have found a related issue that is open in the dev branch. I've attached a screenshot of the configuration used for my feed type.

I'd be happy to do more testing on this.

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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦Canada joelseguin Ontario, Canada

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It's likely this issue predates some issue and comment data are missing.

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