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Created on 9 May 2024, 2 months ago
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It is currently possible for non-technical users to create sites for clients using proprietary products like Wix and Squarespace. We need to explain to users how Drupal adds value to their services. Self-service users will want to launch Drupal from the home page rather than purchasing a subscription from a white-label storefront. We need to explain how a storefront can provide a level of service beyond what clients would get from a self-service product.

Proposed resolution

Value of Drupal

  • Drupal has value because control is in the hands of users.
  • The Starshot road map and marketing materials show the benefits users can expect if they stay with Drupal.
  • They may be non-technical users now, but as their skills grow, Drupal will grow with them.

Value that can be added by a storefront

  • Content creation
  • Personal training and support
  • Customized flavors of Drupal product
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Accessibility guarantees
  • Site monitoring
  • Translation
  • Moderation

Remaining tasks

  • Build a step-by-step business plan.
  • Provide marketing materials.
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