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Created on 8 May 2024, 2 months ago
Updated 14 June 2024, 28 days ago


We need to know the capabilities of the Try Drupal and how usable it is for content creators. Also whether we can derive a community-managed product from it.

Proposed resolution

Baddý has started migrating the Try Drupal configuration to recipes that can be used in Starshot. We may be able to combine this effort with #3446138: Evaluate Starshot prototype → .

Try Drupal is a polished, fully configured Drupal product with a few enhancements. A couple of major features are provided by modules that 1xINTERNET contributed:

Enhancements to the default Drupal install include:

  • Local tasks for content pages are in the admin menu and not shown on the front end.
  • Pre-made components.
  • Metatag field on a separate tab instead of in the content edit form.
  • Google analytics and user tracking consent.
  • Theme integrated with Storybook design system.

In addition, the documentation and marketing seamlessly promotes both the enhanced features and the core Drupal features.

Remaining tasks

  1. Create community distribution or recipes.
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