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Created on 8 May 2024, 2 months ago
Updated 14 June 2024, 29 days ago


Until Starshot provides the ability to browse installation profiles and recipes, our initial product should be made for a specific target user.

Proposed resolution

Target user is a non-technical person creating content for clients who do not want to do their own content creation.

User levels

  1. Evaluator. Just trying out the product.
  2. Reseller. Works entirely in the Drupal admin.
  3. Developer. Works with code.
  4. Hosting provider. Manages own infrastructure.


Tries out Drupal as a self-service product.


Sells a prepackaged product to clients. May bundle it with services such as site building and content creation that can be performed in the site admin interface without writing code.


May create own products and offer services that require working with code.

Hosting provider

May manage own infrastructure and payment processing, but wants to be registered for visibility to new users.

Remaining tasks

  1. Describe the needs and abilities of the target user.
  2. List the tasks the target user must perform.
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