[meta] Add scalar type hinting and return value typing

Created on 7 March 2019, over 5 years ago
Updated 10 July 2024, 8 days ago

Drupal 8.7.0 is scheduled for release on May 1, 2019. With this release, Drupal will officially stop supporting PHP 5.

This means that after 1 May, we can add scalar type hints and return value typing. Stronger typing is always good.

This will be an API change, because the typing is part of method signatures, but we're still in alpha so it is allowed. In fact, that's WHY we are still in alpha, because we want to preserve the ability to make this sort of change before beta.

I marked this as major because I expect it to reveal typing problems, and it may require structural changes to fix these. It will be disruptive, but it's too important to delay.

I marked this as beta blocker because this is the sort of change we can't add anymore once we enter beta, so it has to be done now.

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