WYSIWYG does not save changes but will if 'disable rich'text' is used

Created on 19 February 2018, about 6 years ago
Updated 13 February 2024, 12 days ago

I am using the WYSIWYG module with the CKeditor library. (I'm not using the CKeditor module because saw in other issues this will cause issues.) Issue may have started with IMCE upload finally working.

I can't make text edits and/or upload a file and save using the 'Full HTML' text format. It doesn't save the changes.

But, if I open the editor, click the 'disable rich-text' make a text edit and save, it does save. I can upload a file while in Full HTML' and then switch to 'disable rich-text' at the end and save and it works.

I just can't get it to save when editing in 'Full HTML' and making a simple edit or change.

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It's likely this issue predates : some issue and comment data are missing.

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