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A new way to view Drupal.org content and receive notifications.

Receive notifications in your Fediverse (Mastodon) inbox for new content and CI build updates.
Content as it happens.
Drupal.org-wide live builds and comments. Project and issue pages updated as comments are added and builds are updated.
Current generation.
Drupal 9, 10, and 11 only.
Product screenshot

Ivory for Mac shown in three-column layout displaying content from a personal notifier.

A fresh perspective

How it works

1. Create an account on Contrib.social by logging in with your GitHub account.

2. Create an account on any Fediverse/Mastodon community, for example: Drupal Community, PHP Community, Mastodon Social. Skip this step if you already have one!

3. Follow your personal notifier on Contrib.social from your Fediverse/Mastodon account.
Projects, Issues, Core components, and CI Jobs you follow will be made available to you as posts pushed from your personal notifier.

4. Match your new Contrib.social account with an existing Drupal.org account.

5. Import existing issue follows and project stars from Drupal.org as follows on Contrib.social. Soon! Use suggested follows from settings page until then! >

Production build 0.69.0 2024